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Proudly patriotic –

Our historic home celebrates our many freedoms each year and we choose to do it with lots of red, white and blue. We are proud to be Americans and grateful for the sacrifice of those who have and still do serve our country. God bless America!

Red, white and blue decorates historical home in Southern Oregon

Welcome to The Painted Lady in Myrtle Creek, Oregon -

Freedom on display in Myrtle Creek

Welcome to The Painted Lady as we celebrate our freedoms -

Tea Party Anyone?

Queen or Princess Teas are two of the main experiences at the Tea Room. They are available by reservation (541-733-7646) and are perfect for your special party or luncheon with family or friends.

Simon Selig’s Room

The Simon Selig room is our most spacious room in The Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast.  It features a truly comfortable queen size bed and nicely draped windows with great views of Myrtle Creek.   Retire to a spacious well laid out room where you can relax and plan out your next day.  Wake up to an elegant decor with the delightful aroma of a freshly prepared breakfast.  A night’s stay in the Simon Selig room with a delicious five-course breakfast is $135.  The room has it’s own air conditioning for the warmer days and electric fireplace for cold evenings.

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