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Your breakfast awaits you!

We serve our B & B guests an incredible five-course breakfast and we do cater to those with dietary restrictions. Our breakfast include freshly made coffee or tea. Our first course includes our own handmade scone, either apricot or cranberry. Our second course includes a freshly prepared greek yogurt fruit parfait. Our third course features our most popular dish in our Tea Room, quiche lorraine. Our apple chicken sausage is a healthy alternative for course four. Our breakfast is complete with a deep-baked apple french toast which has been called “divine.”

Pretty in pick is the way to start your morning at The Painted Lady in Myrtle Creek, Or

Layered fresh fruit with amazing vanilla greek yogurt loaded with probiotics –

Courses 3 & 4 out of 5!

Our quiche is is one of our most requested meal in the Tea Room and a favorite for breakfast in the B & B. Our apple chicken sausages are a healthy alternative.

Enjoy breakfast with us at The Painted Lady in Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Our deep-baked french toast tastes as good as it looks. Made with fresh croissants, apples, eggs and cinnamon, this is our most popular main breakfast dish.

The first course of five goes perfect with coffee or tea -

Wendi has become well known for her apricot and cranberry scones with with white chocolate and walnuts. They are prepared fresh for our guests.

Simon Selig’s Room

Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Enjoy our hand painted doors identifying each room!

The Simon Selig room is our most spacious room in The Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast.  It features a truly comfortable queen size bed and nicely draped windows with great views of Myrtle Creek.   Simon’s room is decorated with vintage furniture and items.  Wake up to an elegant decor with the delightful aroma of a freshly prepared breakfast.  A night’s stay in the Simon Selig room with a delicious five-course breakfast is $145 (including tax).  The room has it’s own air conditioning for the warmer days and electric fireplace for cold evenings. Call 541-733-7646 to make a reservation.

The Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room, high tea, Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Our guests love this room. It is so well laid out. The lighting is perfect or black out shades can be lowered. Talk about relaxing!

Quality night's sleep

We believe a bed at The Painted Lady should be WAY above average

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Minnie’s Room

Enjoy our hand painted doors identifying each room!

Enjoy our hand painted doors identifying each room!

The Painted Lady in Myrtle Creek, Or

Minnie’s room is a favorite – it’s quiet, pleasant and has just the right touches and lighting

Minnie’s Room has plenty of natural lighting and features a barley twist full-size bed.  The room is decorated with mostly early English furniture giving this bed & breakfast room a comfortable, cozy feel.  Wake up refreshed to a pleasant pallet of colors that inspire your day along with the tantalizing aroma of a delightful homemade breakfast.  A night’s stay in Minnie’s Room with a delicious five-course breakfast is $135 (includes tax). Call 541-733-7646 to make a reservation.SONY DSC

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MInnie's room also displays a picture of Minnie's brother, Isador.

This painting was a wonderful gift from a saint of a friend.

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