Minnie’s Room

Minnie’s Room

Enjoy our hand painted doors identifying each room!
Enjoy our hand painted doors identifying each room!
The Painted Lady in Myrtle Creek, Or
Minnie’s room is a favorite. It’s quiet, pleasant and has just the right touches and lighting.
Comfortable. Relaxing. Serene. Minnie’s Room –

Minnie’s Room has plenty of natural lighting and features a barley twist full-size bed.  The room is decorated with early English furniture giving room a comfortable and cozy feel.  Wake up refreshed to a pleasant pallet of colors that inspire your day along with the nice aroma of a delightful homemade breakfast.  A night’s stay in Minnie’s Room with a delicious five-course breakfast is $135 (includes tax). Call 541-733-7646 to make a reservation.

Visit Simon Selig’s Room

MInnie's room also displays a picture of Minnie's brother, Isador.
This painting was a wonderful gift from a saint of a friend.

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