Our second room features an extremely comfortable bed, soothing colors and collectables.
Henrietta’s room has a queen-size bed.

Choose one of these comfortable rooms in our historical Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room. Our Bed & Breakfast features elegant and comfortable rooms, a lovely dining room, claw foot tub/shower bathroom and a relaxing upstairs porch.  We also offer breakfasts which are healthy and delicious choices made fresh by Wendi each day!

Classic Painted Lady dining room -
Wendi has done a wonderful job in her B & b giving attention to detail . Throughout her B & B, she creatively places big and little items in just the right spot to provide another pleasant angle or viewpoint. 
Myrtle Creek original postmaster and early town settler -
Our most requested room is the Simon Selig Room with a queen-size bed.
A perfect night's sleep awaits you at The Painted Lady
Minnie’s Room has a full-size bed which is very popular with many of our guests. 

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