Remodel of B & B to be completed by February 2018

Remodel of B & B to be completed by February 2018

We are into our remodel at our Bed & Breakfast. Each room, now larger, will have it's own private bathroom! We have done away with Henrietta's room (our middle room) and are making two restrooms in its place. The smaller restroom, will be a "powder" room. This restroom is accessible right from the hallway.

The larger restroom includes a toliet, large basin/sink and a walk-in shower! This master bathroom will be accessible through our largest room (Simon's) with a barn-sliding door.

Our existing restroom will now go exclusively with our enlarged back room, Minnie's (our rooms are named after members of the original family). We have moved the door from Minnie's room and re-framed it near the end of the hall way. Minnie's door opening is now larger and has a private full bathroom. 

Wendi's creativity is again at work planning and designing as only she can do. We believe you will love the new changes at The Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room. Larger rooms each having their own private restroom.  Plus, an added powder room! To make a resevation in 2018, call 541-733-7646. The pictures below show some of the historic wall paper we discovered that may have been original to the home (circa. 1905). 

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Remodel 2017 #1